Wednesday, April 5, 2017

the daily dyepot day 3

heres today dye pot, brought to you by the talented ladies at the Anindilikwa Art Centre, Anurugu, Groote Island, Northern Australia 

ironing is joyous when its making your colours and patterns come to life

the daily dyepot day 2

Another beautiful day on my Island home away from home.  This dye pot is full of gum leaves and a native quinine, they make black and brown.

We went to Bartalumba bay to collect some mangrove root, which gives a reddy brown colour.

the leaves and roots we collected are wrapped in the fabric

 then put in the pot

we are still surprised and delighted every time we open one of the beautiful bundles to see how the silk fabric has been transformed with rust and leaves

Monday, April 3, 2017

the daily dyepot- day one

Todays dye pot is on Groote Eylandt,  at the remote community of Anurugu. I have been working with the women here at the art centre  for the last few years. We collect leaves and  make a magical brew.  The things that are coming out of these rusty pots

 are mind blowingly beautiful, reflecting the colour palette of the land here and the black of the manganese extracted from the earth.
Tammy stitching silk to make wearable art. This was then put in  the pot on the left. We can't wait until the morning to unwrap our 'presents'.